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The SyMBaD network comprises 23 teams from 6 academic centres (Bordeaux, Alicante, Milan, Geneva, Göttingen, Bristol) representing an important fraction of the leading European researchers in the field

The teams are internationally recognized, highly qualified and in many cases employ cutting-edge technologies and emergent techniques. Synergies and complementarities between the research teams are already evident and will develop further through the SyMBaD network.

The participants are already well integrated in European scientific collaborative networks, and have an outstanding track-record of training young researchers.

Private companies

Industrial partners and SMEs will participate as full or associate partners to host Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) for at least 6 months within the framework of collaborative projects with academic teams.

These companies are
- either involved in the development of new therapeutic strategies to combat brain diseases in which synaptic dysfunction is established (GSK, Neurosearch, Noscira)
- or involved in developping molecular tools (Bioxtal) or imaging techniques (Amplitude Systems, Explora Nova, Lilly) to be used in synaptic research and beyond.

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Academic partners
University of Bordeaux, France Christophe Mulle
University Miguel Hernández, Alicante
Spain Juan Lerma
University of Bristol,
United Kingdom Zafar Bashir
University of Geneva
+ Lausanne (EPFL)
Switzerland Christian Lüscher
Universität Göttingen
Germany Stefan Eimer
University of Milan,
Italy Monica Di Luca
Private partners
Neurosearch A/S,
Denmark Lars Christian Ronn
UK-China Jill Richardson
Spain Miguel Medina
Amplitude Systems,
France Eric Mottay
Explora Nova,
France Christophe Ranger
Lilly-UK Keith Philllps
Switzerland Etienne L'Hermitte
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